Membership Info

Membership Residency

Any person elected to the membership of the Owego Fire Department must be a resident of the Village of Owego or the territory outside the Village of Owego which is afforded fire protection by the Owego Fire Department pursuant to a contract for fire protection except as otherwise provided in Subdivision Six of Municipal Law. The Owego Fire Department’s definition of by reason of vicinity, under Subdivision Six, is that the elected member shall live within ten miles of contracted area of protection by the Owego Fire Department. The Owego Fire Department’s definition of usual occupation is that the elected member shall be able to render service as a volunteer of the Owego Fire Department. If the proposed member falls under Subdivision Six, the Owego Fire Department Secretary shall receive in writing from a Chief of the proposed member’s residing territory, a letter giving permission to join accompanying their application.

Application Process

Application for membership must be made to one of the department’s five companies. The application must be completely filled out and sponsored by a company member in good standing. The applicant must be investigated by the company appointed Investigation Committee. Perspective applicant must sign a written agreement of voluntary termination form the Owego Fire Department upon conviction of sexual misconduct or arson. The applicant must be voted on and approved by the company in accordance with each company bylaws. Company approved applicants are presented to Fire Board for approval pending results of a physical and arson check. Upon approval of Fire Board the Chief submits the application to the Village of Owego Board for final approval. No person may attend new member training, fire ground training, squad training, or make any calls or receive gear until a certificate from the Village of Owego recognizing membership of the department is in hand. The application approval process takes one to two months.